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A big shout-out to all the shutterbugs out there who helped PeppyBurro look interesting

Photo credit: PhotoPhoto33 licensed BY 2.0

Copyright 101

Because ownership must be respected

All materials contained on this website are protected by the United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, or broadcast without the prior written permission of PeppyBurro® except wherever noted otherwise. That’s basically what copyright means – when someone makes something, it’s theirs and we’d do better to respect that ownership.

Allowed Use

You may print or download text from this website for your personal non-commercial use only. You may even reprint or republish portions of text from this website to individual third parties but only if there is attribution to PeppyBurro including the individual author if identified. That’s the least you can do, don’t you think? Hope we’re not asking for too much.


In case “non-commercial” doesn’t quite describe your plans, your first step in the right direction would be to secure a written permission from PeppyBurro to use whatever it is you plan to use off this website. All such requests should be directed to in a nice and sweet email with the text “Permission request” as its subject. You must also explain briefly why you seek such a permission and how you intend to use the material you seek once permitted.

The Pictures

How the Burro attributes the images it uses

Do excuse us for the little detour above but before we could even begin to credit our sources, it was important to get everyone on the same page with regards to copyright. Copyright is what makes credits like these imperative. So now that we both fully agree on respecting each other’s work, let’s see see who else deserves a shout-out from PeppyBurro.

Creative Commons

At PeppyBurro, you’re not greeted with lists after lists of phrases and vocabulary terms for blind memorization. That’s the quickest way to lose motivation and heaven knows loss of drive is every language learner’s single biggest enemy. PeppyBurro doesn’t do that. Instead, it offers you ways to commit Spanish words to memory in context and without a single rote rehearsal. Here, you find a cornucopia of mnemonic and etymological tricks to ensure you learn new words at first glance and carry them to your grave.

In Situ Attribution

In most cases, images used on this site are accompanied by their respective credit attribution as an overlay. See the image on top of this page? That would be a good example. These credits are, by default, invisible and only show up when you hover your mouse pointer over them hence the term “overlay.” If you’re on a touchscreen device, a gentle tap on the image will have the same effect.

Unattributed Images

Don’t get us wrong, we are not in the business of stealing images. Or anything else for that matter. It’s just that on certain sections of this website, images aren’t overlaid with in-place attributions purely for aesthetic reasons. Larger images are almost always credited in such an overlay. Smaller versions of such images, such as thumbnails on our blog, are hyperlinked to the page containing their larger credited version. Other images aren’t credited in-place, nor are they linked to any credited version. But they must be nevertheless which is what gives this particular page its raison d'être. So the following section lists out all those credits that failed to make it with their respective images on various pages of this website.

Home-Page Credits

Credit-roll for all the breathtaking pictures on our home page

The listing above is subject to change as images are replaced, added, or discarded with changes in site layout and content. In case you are the owner of any image used on this site and have decided to change your license status or notice some discrepancy in our attribution, please communicate your concerns to us and we will update our records within 24 hours. You can write to us at