We have always maintained a core tradition of inclusiveness and mutual exchange in line with which, we welcome draft submissions for our blog from people with a passion for Spanish. While in an ideal world all submissions would be irresistibly useful and we’d lap’em up in a wink, reality is hardly ever that utopian. We endeavor to serve our readers nothing short of créme de la créme. So let’s see what makes a good draft great and a great draft good enough for PeppyBurro®.

General Guidelines

  • Be very sure your post is insanely useful and absolutely indispensable. Always ask yourself, “How does it help?” If it doesn’t help your readers in earnest, why even bother writing? Doesn’t make sense, does it?
  • Do not beat a dead horse. Our readers don’t want yet another article on why Spanish learning is important or the differences between Mexican and Peninsular Spanish. Nor do we. We need something that hasn’t already been hacked to death. Always strive for novelty; tell us something we don’t know.
  • In line with the last point, make sure what you write hasn’t been written before. Plagiarism is not something we’re terribly fond of and our readers agree. Exclusivity is the name of the game here. Needless to say, we don’t love copyright infringements either.
  • Use examples and anecdotes to drive your point home. Got an interesting personal experience? Share it! Posts with personal anecdotes always fares better than impersonal articles because they connect better with the reader’s mind.
  • Question your intent before writing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money, just that PeppyBurro isn’t the right venue for that. And that’s why we only accept submissions from people who already have a blog of their own and are active in their communities. So we’re sorry but no freelancers or stock-writers please.

The Proposal

  • Use the contact form to tell us briefly about your wish to write for us.
  • Write a brief two-sentence introduction to yourself in your note so we know who we’re communicating with. Tell us about your linguistic background.
  • Tell us why you wish to write for us and also tell us about your blog and prior writing experiences, if any.
  • Include a link to your blog and also links to at least two of your best works, either on your own blog or elsewhere.
  • Include links to at least two other PeppyBurro articles that you’ll use in order to supplement your write-up. These will then be used as internal links within your article should it get accepted.
  • State the title of your proposed post and also a brief overview of what it’s going to be about. Of course it must be about Spanish learning and nothing else but you’ve got to be a whole lot more specific. Also try using bullet points to outline your proposal.
  • Tell us in one or two sentences, how PeppyBurro readers will benefit from your post and what makes it exclusive and fresh. Also ensure you have a catchy title for your post. You want people to read past the title, don’t you?

The Final Draft

  • Once your proposal has been accepted, you’ll be notified as such (there’s no notification in case a proposal doesn’t make it). Once the notification goes out, you have seven days to turn in your final draft.
  • The first few sentences are the most crucial; make sure they count. Write a compelling hook that elicits interest and rouses curiosity.
  • Make liberal use of sub-headings and bullet lists so as to improve readability. Modular posts are easy to consume and engage better.
  • Do not include links unless they complement the topic at hand. PeppyBurro is not the right place if you’re looking to market your services or products. That being said, there’s no restriction on the number of “relevalt” and “necessary” backlinks.
  • Make sure your article has a proper conclusion. Readers don’t like being abandoned abruptly in a state of suspended animation. Lead them to a well-defined conclusion.
  • Don’t write less than 1,800 words or more than 4,000 words. And please don’t add words for the sake of fleshing out your post. If your post can’t be fleshed out without turning redundant, you’ve probably chosen the wrong topic. Similarly, if you really can’t condense it to below 4,000 words, you should consider narrowing down your topic or perhaps breaking down your post into two.
  • Include links to a few public-domain images that you think would be relevant to your post. The images you link to must be copyright-free and licensed BY or BY-SA.
  • Say something you’d like your readers to know about you in not more than 40 words. This will be published in your “author bio” along with your post.
  • Include a link to your public profile on either Facebook or Google Plus. We will use it to display your image next to your name in the published post’s title.
  • Make sure your writing style doesn’t deviate from that of PeppyBurro. Reading a few posts on our blog would certainly help you understand how we write. It’s things like paragraph length, sentence length, number of images per post, average title length, etc. that you should watch out for.
  • Your draft is subject to edits and/or cuts as deemed appropriate by our editors. If the edits seem too impractical, the submission may be dropped altogether. If admitted, the final draft can take anywhere between a day and a month to show up on the blog.
  • If and when your submission is approved for a final release, you’ll be notified in an email. When that happens, you’re expected to actively participate in your post’s comment thread for at least a couple of months in order to ensure engagement. You’re also expected to promote your post to your audience.
  • And here’s the mother of all rules: Nothing short of perfection is admissible when it comes to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Duh, right? English is just too accessible for typos to be aceptable these days. Proofread your copy a gazillion times before mailing them in.

Hope this wasn’t too intimidating for you. We’re patiently looking forward to reading what you’ve got. So please don’t hesitate. Oh and by the way, whatever gets published on PeppyBurro becomes a property of PeppyBurro; we retain the copyright to all articles no matter who writes them. Pretty sure you expected that anyway.