We at PeppyBurro® are committed to making language learning accessible, affordable, and most importantly, fun. That’s quite a tall order given how much innovation and efforts it takes to constantly come up with new groundbreaking ideas for an ever-expanding group of eager learners. We are not complaining; if anything, we thoroughly enjoy the process and learn a whole lot in the bargain too!

An endeavor like this is expected to attract a lot of attention and generate as much communication which is more than welcome. We strive to communicate and ever single one of your email is precious. However, with the volume increasing by the day, not all emails might get responded to immediately. But they will and that’s a promise. And in order to ensure we keep the promise, we have implemented a zero-tolerance policy against spam. We bet you don’t like them either. But how do we tell spam emails from the rest? Simple rules make the job easier for both you and us.

What We Accept

Here’s a list of all things you can write to us about and we’ll be super-happy to acknowledge. So please feel free to write to us and pour your heart out if you:

  • have questions about Spanish learning, vocabulary, immersion, etc.,
  • have a feedback on anything you read on this website,
  • would like to suggest some improvement to this website’s content, usability, or appearance,
  • are a media person and have PR-related questions,
  • are interested in writing for us (for this, we expect you to first go through our comprehensive guest post policy),
  • would like for us to do a guest post on your blog,
  • wish to share your experiences with Spanish learning or the Hispanic culture,
  • would like to send us some love,
  • would like to yell at us,
  • would like to make us rich or buy us a trip to Cancún!

Told you these were gonna be common-sense rules; we already hear a lot of “Duh” in the house!

...And What We Don’t

Now that we’re on the same page as far as what you can write about goes, let’s check out some of the things you can’t because they’re considered tabboo in our culture. So please spare us if you:

  • are trying to sell or promote something,
  • think your message might sound even remotely like a sales pitch,
  • are sending us a link in your message (seriously, no links please),
  • are looking for us to review your product, service, or blog on this website,
  • are seeking to advertise, paid or free, on this website,
  • have a great offer to improve our SEO
  • want us to connect you with hot Latinas (no kidding, we actually have a couple of emails of this kind),
  • are curious to know when we’re planning to die.

Is that it? Phew, so much drama for something this obvious! Well, that’s life on the Internet. We hate having to type this much but hope it’s all worth it. So just go ahead and drop us a note; we can’t wait to hear from you!