Spanish Vocabulary Bible: Memory Tricks for the Lazy Learner

Amit Schandillia

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To run is correr in Spanish. Now while this word might sound completely alien to your English ears, it’s actually quite the opposite. You see, correr descends from the same Latin roots that give us words like courier and course. And other than the similarity in how they sound, you can easily make out that both courier and course have something to do with running. Back in the day, a courier would literally race against time to deliver his payload. At the same time, a course is what you would typically follow along while running a race. This is what electricity does when running as a current, yet another derivative from the ancestors of correr, through a wire. Will you ever forget correr now? Was it fun learning the word? How long did it take?

Time to step up your game and ace the language like a cunning wizard. Enough of hola and adiós; you've got to start building some serious vocabulary now. One doesn't have to swallow the Blarney Stone – or the dictionary, for that matter – in order to get chatty in Spanish. Chatting up native Spanish speakers need not be a pipe-dream anymore. All you need is a strong basic vocabulary of the words that matter.

Why you’ll love it

This ebook takes you from ground zero and arms you with all the words it takes to make engaging conversations a welcome reality. You don't need a gazillion words to get started (“get started” meaning “comprehend 80% of all native conversations”) – not even close. All it takes is 2,000 high-frequency words. This ebook gives you 2,001 – NOT counting easy ones like diferente, problema, and absoluto.

  • Over 1,400 pages of sheer lexical sorcery
  • 68 carefully assorted vocabulary groups to aid systematic learning
  • Cunning word-association tricks to help you learn within seconds
  • Tips on using etymology to make alien-sounding words familiar
  • Local words from 10 Spanish-speaking countries to help you sound more native
  • Special tidbits with every chapter to keep things spiced up all the time
  • Thoughtfully crafted usage sentences to help you learn words in context

With Spanish Vocabulary Bible®, you will never be fumbling for words whatever be the context. Welcome to the world's MOST COMPREHENSIVE resource on vocabulary acquisition AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT.

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That’s less than...5 Mocha Grandes at Starbucks®!

Us against the heavyweights

Spanish Vocabulary BibleRocket Spanish® – The Premium® (Level 1)Pimsleur® – Spanish Unlimited®(Level 1)Rosetta Stone® Spanish (Level 1)
Vocabulary size*2,001less than 500less than 800less than 1,000
Word-frequency listyyynnnnnnnnn
Rote memorizationnnnyyyyyyyyy
Themed listingyyyyyyyyyyyy
Contextual sentencesyyynnnyyyyyy
Review strategyyyynnnnnnnnn
Local slangyyynnnnnnnnn
Fun triviayyynnnnnnnnn

*counting unique words only

as of August 7, 2015

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This is the Spanish Vocabulary Bible – Memory Tricks for the Lazy Learner companion deck and you get it for free with your purchase. It is widely believed that spaced reviews using flashcards work quite a magic with vocabulary building. Since different people have different learning needs and aptitudes, we decided to bring in the best of both the worlds – the wizardry of mnemonics and the rigor of spaced repetitions – to ensure no one gets left behind.

The deck is in the form of an Anki® package ready to be imported into your favorite digital flashcard app. Anki is the most widely recognized SRS system in use today. Being dead simple to use and lightweight have a whole lot to do with its popularity. Being open-source, free to download, and ad-free helps too (get it here), don't you think?

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