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Learn all about one of the most vibrant rendezvous for Spanish self-learners around the world.

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A Helping Hand

Because tongues aren’t acquired in isolation

PeppyBurro® does not teach you Spanish. But it helps you do the job yourself. And it does that sans gimmicks. Language skills are not something you concoct in a laboratory. You’re born with them. That’s right, everybody has the potential to acquire new languages and if the language in question is Spanish, PeppyBurro helps you realize yours. PeppyBurro doesn’t believe in the cookie-cutter regimen of memorizing mundane grammar rules and vocabulary lists, classrooms around the world are so obsessed with. Rote-memorization is passé and it’s hard to understand why common sense methodologies still haven’t taken over. At PeppyBurro, you learn to absorb new grammar concepts and vocabulary terms in the least painless way possible using mnemonics and other similar tricks. We are all about tricks.

What you get here is everything you could ever possibly need in order to get proficient in Spanish. Except for willpower (that’s something you’ve got to figure out for yourself). Everything else is covered. And everything you need is neatly assorted in sections so you could find what you need without much fuss. So what exactly does "everything" translate into? Let’s check them out, one wonder at a time.


Every affair with a new language begins with a dependable dictionary to familiarize you with those alien sounding words. And when it comes to Spanish, we help you break the ice with a world-class word-lookup service powered by the best names in the world of Spanish-English-Spanish dictionaries. By best we mean the likes of Collins® and Velasquez®. Pronunciation, verb conjugations, contextual usage examples – you name it, we’ve got it all covered for you.

Blog and Podcast

This is where the the magic happens! Classified under sections like motivation, vocabulary, grammar, colloquialism, etc., the articles posted to our blog bring you nothing but the best and the freshest. To ensure the juice is worth the squeeze, each article is packed with tips and tricks not found anywhere else. Articles are between 1,000 and 1,500 words with no fluff and are posted once every week. Oh and just so we’re sure, it’s free. What’s also free is our Podcast with fresh and crisp 10-minute episodes being churned out every week so you can afford to be too lazy to read.

Test Center

Before you even begin learning, you might want to find out where you stand already in case you’ve tried a hand at it in the past. That’s where our Test Center comes in. Take your Spanish for a spin and find out if you’re a blank slate or a Don Quixote. These tests are designed by professionals and instantly give you not only your CEFL proficiency level but also instant advice on how to ace the next level as painlessly as practically possible, without leaving your house. This one is also free, just so you know. Well, knowing how good you are shouldn’t cost money anyway, should it?


This time-tested tool just refuses to die. If anything, it has only evolved into a more robust digital avatar of itself that follows you wherever you go, neatly tucked away inside your smartphone. Although rote memorization is something PeppyBurro avoids like faux tortillas, it’s always a good idea to have a deck of cards with useful vocabulary at hand for those occasional reviews. We list out a rich array of decks tailormade for learners of all shapes ands sizes. Go have a look, these are also free.

Courses and Community

When you’re learning a new language, you’re not alone. When that language is Spanish and you’re on PeppyBurro, you’re most certainly not alone. We have a growing community of Spanish enthusiasts itching to join you for some real-world practice speaking English and Spanish! And in order to prepare you for those awesome rendezvous, we have a bunch of super-awesome courses you can pick from. These courses do cost some dough but boy, the value they pack! Let’s just say you’ll be speaking Spanish before you find another offer this effective at this price.

Is that it? Certainly not. There are books, whitepapers, infographics...you name it. Some are free, some aren’t. But what they all are is high-octane learning. And there’s more to come. You see, PeppyBurro is still young and constantly evolving. But this evolution is powered by none other than the biggest drivers of awesomeness we can count on – YOU. We treasure your feedback and opinions and are eager to hear them out. So please do write to us should you have any ideas to make our content more cutting-edge and serve you even better!

Why We Rock

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PeppyBurro is by and for folks who are not only teaching themselves Spanish but also doing so in places where oppoerunities for immersion are scarce at best. Where PeppyBurro truly shines is in its common-sense approach toward language acquisition. There’s a reason we prefer the term absorption over learning. Let’s face it, absorbing a foreign tongue is not a bed of roses. From never exhausting grammar rules to the completely alien sounds that make comprehension impossible, every aspect of the job is an ordeal. Or so it seems. That being said, a little ingenuity goes a long way alleviating the pains. And that’s what PeppyBurro brings you in heaps.

Effortless Vocabulary

At PeppyBurro, you’re not greeted with lists after lists of phrases and vocabulary terms for blind memorization. That’s the quickest way to lose motivation and heaven knows loss of drive is every language learner’s single biggest enemy. PeppyBurro doesn’t do that. Instead, it offers you ways to commit Spanish words to memory in context and without a single rote rehearsal. Here, you find a cornucopia of mnemonic and etymological tricks to ensure you learn new words at first glance and carry them to your grave.

Effortless Grammar

PeppyBurro’s out-of-the-box approach isn’t just limited to vocabulary; that would be a shame. The magic of mnemonics and visualization also works for complex grammar rules that you would otherwise take weeks to memorize and yet stay far from confident when the rubber meets the road. It’s sad how rote memorization and blind repetitions have stayed mainstream in classrooms to this day.

Effortless Immersion

Languages are learned in the street and not in the classroom. This is not even an overstatement. Didn’t you already speak and comprehend enough English before you started going to school? You can learn to read and write and even speak a bit with classroom training; but real-world skills call for real-world practice. Now, PeppyBurro understands it’s virtually impossible for a lot of people to get this kind of exposure to real-world Spanish. That’s why it teaches you ways to build your own deep-immersion environment right at home without spending a dime on traveling.

Effortless Motivation

Didn’t we just discuss how lack of motivation kills more language-learning endeavors than anything else? Well, PeppyBurro addresses that by offering you a giant window to the Spanish-speaking people and their way of life. It’s hard to stay committed to a language program if you lack an interest in the culture and lifestyle of its people. This site with its rich repertoire of culture notes and tidbits ensures you have enough to keep you perennially intrigued and driven. It’s never a dull dayin the world of Spanish speakers; come see it for yourself!

No Ads!

We saved this for the last because that’s what you do with all good things in life, no? So yeah, PeppyBurro doesn’t do ads. They are downright annoying and bad karma. And we are committed to staying clutter-free for as long as we exist. No ads, ergo no distraction, ergo better attention to tasks at hand. How’s that for committment? We are focussed, are you?

The PeppyBurro Story

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It all goes back to that summer of 2005 when a man from India heard some Latin American music for the first time and got intrigued enough to find out what language it was. This was the beginning. That one piece of music pushed him into the uncharted territory of language learning. The endeavor was not an easy one since India is a country ridiculously underexposed to foreign languages, let alone Spanish.

The lack of foreign language exposure, at least back in the day, made his undertaking an uphill one. But for the same reason, it created a whole range of opportunities for innovation! From memorizing incredibly alien-sounding words to getting practice with spoken Spanish and from the foreign concept of a myriad verb conjugations to the acclimatization to Spanish sounds, everything involved innovations from the ground up.

That man did eventually learn Spanish in fits and starts, but at what cost! It took him longer than it should have and cost him a fortune in experimenting with an insane volume of learning resources with varying degree of efficacy. It didn’t have to be this hard but self-learning is tricky business when you don’t have the right tools at hand. This is what seeded everything to come. That man’s tryst with Spanish was full of pitfalls and mistakes and it would be a shame if others had to repeat the same mistakes for the same job.

The moment of truth came in 2007 when he finally decided to start a low-key hobby blog for fellow Spanish-language enthusiasts. It was a plain-vanilla affair with short posts detailing excerpts from his experiences. The blog had a good run for about 3 years before getting buried under a pile of priorities.

It would be at least another 4 years before the blogging would resume. This time, in 2012, the blog was back, albeit in a brand new avatar. This was the birth of AlwaysSpanish®. AlwaysSpanish started out as another part-time endeavor, only slightly more serious than its predecessor. But this time, the articles were longer and more densely packed with no-nonsense tips and tricks. The motto was simple: Memory tricks for the lazy learner. That says all one needs to know about the nature of its work.

In time though, AlwaysSpanish quickly outgrew itself and needed a bigger platform. The man behind it put out his first book on Spanish vocabulary tricks which exceeded all expectations in popularity. This called for a bigger, more professional soapbox for his message and PeppyBurro was conceived.

That man is Amit Schandillia and PeppyBurro is his statement that learning Spanish and staying motivated while doing so, is not only a real possibility but also unbelievably easier than most assume.